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The National Alliance of Women’s Organisations (NAWO) is an alliance of diverse membership organisations and individuals working for and passionate about women’s empowerment.
We have decades of unique expertise, beginning in the 1970s, in enabling women, girls and women’s organisations to understand the laws and processes that ensure their human rights at all levels. All of our work is underpinned by the values and implementation of UN gender equality mechanisms
NAWO is an alliance of diverse membership organisations and individuals working for and passionate about women’s empowerment. We work to represent the needs and interests of women at a national and international level.
We amplify the voices of women of all ages in various UN level processes. We employ our ECOSOC status at the UN by annually participating in and presenting side events at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).'s%20Alliance
A safe platform to demand our human rights, equality and justice. We collectively bring our lived experiences to impact gender policy and legislation at government level. Unite! Act! Amplify! Your voice is the voice of tomorrow: book your place at our table TODAY
NAWO recognises the vital importance of working UK-wide to further women’s equality, and works with sister organisations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to represent UK women to the European Women’s Lobby.
NAWO’s membership varies from very large to very small; from service level and grass roots to international campaigning organisations. It is this membership that ensures we are well-qualified to contribute in a meaningful way to policy-making processes.
Invisible Widows

Invisible Widows – coming out of the shadows? #CSW66

After real concerted pressure from civil society, finally, the word widows appears not once but twice in the Agreed Conclusions of the The sixty-sixth session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW66) in March.
Small steps certainly but nevertheless a change!
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Margaret Owen (Widows for Peace through Democracy) at CSW63

‘UN Resolution on the Situation of Widows is a Milestone!’ – Margaret Owen, OBE

It is a triumph to see this Resolution adopted by the UN - it makes our 27-year long struggle worthwhile. This is a positive step forward, though widows still have many mountains to climb to achieve their full human rights
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The 66th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women closed with the adoption of agreed conclusions on 25 March, 2022. Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown

#CSW66 UN reaffirms women’s and girls’ leadership as key to address climate change, environmental and disaster risk reduction for all

March 25th UN closed 66th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW66) acknowledging important role of women & girls as agents of change for sustainable development, in particular safeguarding the environment & addressing adverse effects of climate change.
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UN Resolution to uphold Rights of Widows

UN adopts resolution on Rights of Widows

UN adopts resolution calling on member states to work toward eliminating all forms of discrimination against widows and ending harmful practices
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YWA UK Youth Caucus CSW66 statement

UK Youth Caucus statement to CSW66

Our goal as young women is to be involved and support the development of an equitable, unprejudiced, and non-discriminatory world with a humanity which welcomes all women and girls to prosper and flourish
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