NAWO is unique in providing a platform for individuals and organisations to hear about, but also be represented themselves, in what is happening at the international, European and national levels for women and girls so that they know of their rights and how they can help others.


NAWO’s membership varies from very large to very small; from service level and grass roots to international campaigning organisations. It is this membership that gives NAWO its unique and respected position in both UK civil society and policy-making, and ensures that NAWO is well-qualified to contribute in a meaningful way to the policy-making process, and to represent the needs and interests of women in a robust and practised manner.

Capacity Building

We provide capacity building projects so that women across generations (beginning with girls still at school) can understand the laws and systems that are in place to provide them with opportunities and safeguard their rights but more than that – to have a voice, take action and make a difference.

Working at the UN

NAWO employs its ECOSOC status at the United Nations by annually participating in and presenting side events at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).
We coordinate and act as the Secretariat of a large network of organisations and individuals called the CSW Alliance.
We enable large groups of women and girls to access CSW – and then to become active protagonists.
We have a particular focus on young women and have provided the opportunity for over 100 young women and men to speak at the UN and be involved in real, not simulated politics.  They work as part of an NGO delegation, with their civil society co-workers, to advocate for positive change.

Working with Europe

NAWO works with sister organisations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as part of the UK Joint Committee on Women (UKJCW).
The UKJCW represents UK women to the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) – the central umbrella network for women’s organisations across Europe.