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CSW68 – Using technology to accelerate equality and prevent poverty

This interactive panel event will explore how innovation and technology can be used creatively to assist in the lives of women and girls to prevent poverty.
Experts and activists from around the globe will share best practice.
There will be time for discussions amongst participants in order to make the most of the expertise in the room and a section to glean top key actions for learning and sharing

Friday March 15th
Times: 10 – 11.30am
FEDCAP – 210 E43 St


Chair – Zarin Hainsworth OBE
Dr Anino Emuwa – Founder, 100 Women @Davos
Patrice Wellesley Cole – President Graduate Women International
Dorothy Marcic – EBBF
Carolyn Handshin – President NGOCSWGVA tbc
Negai Sangau – Naserian
Colette Liggon – Rozaria Memorial Trust

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