NAWO Young Womens Alliance (YWA)

Welcome to the NAWO Young Women’s Alliance (YWA)

Unite, Act and Amplify – Your voice is the voice of tomorrow

Who are we?

We are a safe platform to demand young women’s human rights, equality and justice, part of the National Alliance of Women’s Organisations.
By raising our voices collectively we can make change at government level and our lived experience can impact gender policy and legislation.

Our Aims

To actively promote the inclusion of young women in the women’s rights agenda.
To participate in mechanisms for listening to the concerns and needs of women of all ages, and girls, so that they are brought to the attention of relevant governments and organisations.
To promote knowledge and understanding of the UN and to forge greater links between UK women and the UN.

Why join us?

Working with like minded people who are passionate about gender equality and working on projects which can make a real difference.
Opportunity to be involved in UN consultations, commissions, and policies and responds to UK government policies on women’s rights
Learning and developing new skills through training and workshops, which will enhance your employment prospects while helping to shape a better future

How can you join us?

We are currently building up our team who will shape and influence our activities.
If would like to get a real work experience and you are passionate about gender equality, contact us and tell us how you would like to support YWA!
You can message us on Facebook or email us at Email:

“Attending CSW was a life changing experience in a completely positive way for me.
Having the opportunity to go to The United Nations has allowed me to learn about issues I had never heard of before and often altered my opinion or let me view an issue in a new light.
Hearing personal stories and meeting people so involved in helping tackle issues was incredibly inspirational and moving.”

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to attend and participate in the Human Rights Council, and I have NAWO to thank for their kind invitation and dedication to giving us the best possible support and advice during the entire process.
I also had the privilege to observe the drafting of resolutions in the Human Rights Chamber, which has allowed me to develop a heightened awareness of the political system of many different countries.”

“I was being able to speak on a panel as part of a side event on Child widows, I was sat next to the head of child marriage in the World Health Organisation along with other prestigious speakers which was obviously daunting, but I had faith in my speech after all the support and feedback from NAWO. The chance to speak in front of 44 politicians, NGO delegates, and press, was once in a life time and I will be able to use it for CV’s and personal statements.”

“The CSW was the most amazing experience that I have ever had.
It meant so much to me as I could express my views to an audience that I wouldn’t have been able to do in my current situation.
I feel that I have changed from this experience as I am now more confident in myself and what I believe.”

“My time at the United Nations has taught me many things; it has taught me of the importance of education and awareness, it has shown me the need for an international community where countries work together to help each other, it has taught me many life skills including networking, time keeping and organisation, it has increased my confidence and most importantly it has made me aware.”

“We were given the chance to speak in the UN about a range of serious topics at different side events, alongside an amazing range of panel speakers who were experts in their field. The events were very successful and it was great to see the other YWA delegates speaking so fluently on serious issues such as child widows and FGM.”

“I would like to begin by thanking NAWO for this incredibly unique opportunity to visit the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva as well being able to present a speech as part of a side event on the economic empowerment of women.
It was when I was able to converse with the Chinese Minister of Africa Affairs in French that I realised the complete mix of cultures that can occur in one space, a refreshing apprehension that excites me for, hopefully, a global career.”