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CSW68 – Social protection for widows globally

A conversation about best practices with technology for widows and their families

Social protection strategies for widows differ hugely across the globe.
This interactive seminar will look at best practice for widows and their families around the world with experts and activists sharing achievements and possible solutions for sustainable social protection systems.
This event aims to provide a space for meaningful conversations demonstrating how widows, when empowered, can become active agents of change
Experts and activists from around the globe will share best practice.
There will be time for discussions amongst participants in order to make the most of the expertise in the room and a section to glean top key actions for learning and sharing

Tuesday March 19th
Times: 1.15 – 3.00 EST
Bahai International Community Offices, 866 UN Plaza


Chair – Zarin Hainsworth OBE
Dr Anino Emuwa – Founder, 100 Women @Davos
Elena Saenz – Director Global Fund for Widows
Susan OMalley – BPW & WPD
Michelle Mutogo – Rozaria Memorial Trust
Nissa Barouche – Algerian Womens Organisation
Leigh Ellwood Brown – SI
Tana Brown – WRI Intern

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