Zarin Hainsworth OBE (Advance)





Deputy Treasurer

Wendi Momen MBE


Pat Black

Hon Treasurer

Margaret Clark

Hon Secretary

Momtaz Rahim

Vice Chair

Justina Mutale

Additional Trustees

Sally Spear

Alice Fookes

Fatoumata Diallo

Nazzy Amin

NAWO Ambassadors

Annette Lawson OBE

Barbara Cleary (UN Women UK)

Why NAWO? 

Barbara is passionate about women’s rights and development and economic empowerment and joined NAWO because she believes in its potential to bring about change and improve the lives of women.

Favourite feminist quote:

“Here’s to strong women,
may we know them,
may we be them,
may we raise them.” – Unknown

In addition to being Vice Chair on the Management Committee, she represents England on the UK Joint Committee on Women.
Barbara is an HR specialist with wide ranging management and human resources experience in the public and voluntary sectors, including at her own consultancy, Headstart (which has a focus on building and developing workforces to achieve effective service delivery).

With over 20 years’ senior management experience she has delivered on a variety of change management programmes, achieving cultural and organisational change. She has actively led and championed diversity issues in the workplace, in particular initiatives to support women to develop and progress their careers.