United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women

NAWO have been accrediting young women and men still at school (16-18) to the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women for over a decade. So far we have also enabled over 100 young people to attend and speak at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, as well as other young advocates representing young people at countless events.

UN CSW is the annual policy-making gathering of 187 governments, thousands of non-governmental organisations and leading experts to create an agreement on how best to progress the rights of women worldwide.

The young people who are selected onto this program are trained in human rights and international legal frameworks, public speaking, and write their own blogs, declarations and reports before they’ve even left the UK.

Once in New York they get the chance to present their ideas on panels alongside parliamentarians, non-governmental organisations and international experts on issues surrounding women’s lives.

Parliamentarians have been so impressed in the past that many young people have gotten the chance to present their speeches again to ministers for women, Lynne Featherstone, in the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Speakers and NAWO staff involved in the eventBut the work doesn’t end there. NAWO YWA delegates continue to support NAWO’s work and undertake work of their own. Once back the delegates put their minds to creating change in their communities. Previous projects achieved have included overhauling sex education curriculums, fundraising money for charity, deciding to volunteer for various organisations aiding women’s human rights, and many other ways of leading change in their communities.

You can see some of the previous delegations’ blogs here (2016/2015, 2014,) and follow them on twitter (@NAWOYouth) for updates on their work, issues surrounding gender equality, young people… anything else they can think of!

Testimonials from the most recent CSW 61: