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The Young Women’s Alliance at CEDAW – Final day


It’s the final night in Geneva for Nina, Amelia and me, and our time here as NAWO youth delegates is nearly over. It’s very strange to think back to last Thursday, when I still wasn’t quite sure what CEDAW actually meant, and then to now, having attended nearly half of the 66th session. Thursday feels so far away, and yet I can hardly believe that we will be back in England tomorrow night.

Today was action packed yet again, involving the sixth periodic report of Jordan. The issue that was immediately brought to attention was that of refugees, Jordan having the second highest number in the world. Nationality under Article 9 of the Convention was widely discussed, in greater detail than I had ever considered it in relation to Jordan. For example, Jordan NGOs began to excitedly talk amongst themselves when the delegation stated that a child born to a Jordanian mother and Palestinian father would be granted Jordanian citizenship. Seeing the dynamic between the delegation and the NGOs once again was interesting to witness, although unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to speak with any of them after the session as we left early to see other areas of the Palais De Nations.

After leaving Room 16 and the 66th session, we walked down to the UN library and League of Nations Museum. We were then both surprised and delighted to receive an unexpected tour. This involved seeing documents from the Nuremburg Trials, a copy of the Pax Romana and Magna Carta, and being in the same room as the Treaty of Versailles. To feel that close to such momentous occasions of the past really brought my experiences here at the UN into sharper perspective; we are witnesses to history both already existing, and to history being made.