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The Young Women’s Alliance at CEDAW- Day 3

What a day!

Today we went to the combined sixth and seventh periodic report for Ireland on how they’ve implicated the articles of CEDAW.


It was interesting to see how the level of detail that the experts went into differed from yesterday during the eighth periodic report of Ukraine.


It’s amazing to see how much we’ve all grown as people since arriving here on Friday. I know personally, that my confidence has grown massively, and that now even after just two days of practice, I’m able to walk into a room full of experts and not feel intimidated about speaking to them.


It was interesting also to see each different NGO’s reaction to what the government delegation were saying in answer to the committee’s questions.


We’re all looking forward to tomorrow when it’s Jordan under review. It’ll be entertaining to see how they compare!


Best wishes,

Amelia, Katherine and Nina