UN75 Global Governance Forum

NAWO has, throughout this year and last, been engaged in the civil society discussions around the UN75th celebratiions and participated in the creation of the Peoples Declaration. Please find below updates on the three days of activities in September 2020.
Day 1

The forum’s opening plenary on the theme of “The Future We Want, The United Nations We Need” explored with leading public intellectuals the current state-of-the-world a few days prior to the endorsement, by world leaders, of a new UN75 Declaration with twelve distinct commitments and points for global action….

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Day 2

Day 2’s Opening Plenary featured a variety of experts and civil society leaders from around the globe who introduced the Forum’s Innovation Track and presented twenty innovative proposals to achieve better global governance across four pillars: global economic governance & sustainable development; peace & security; human rights, humanitarian aid & inclusive governance; and climate governance….

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