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NAWO and the World Bank’s successful ‘Getting to Equal’ event

Our guests at the World Bank EventOn the 4th of November the National Alliance of Women’s Organisations and the World Bank Group’s Women, Business and the Law collaborated, with the support of Rt Hon Baroness Lindsay Northover, to bring people together to discuss advancing towards gender equality; the next steps we need to take in ‘Getting to Equal’.  

It was fantastic to see so many gathered to share knowledge and discuss with international experts t he challenges women currently face, the economic as well as moral necessity of gender equality, and the path we must take to ensure its realisation.

Chaired by Dr Wendi Momen MBE, Trustee of NAWO, with Augusto Lopez-Claros,Colin Douglas, Rt Hon Baroness Northover, Dr Wendi Momen OBE and Augusto Lopez-Carlos, our speakers Director of the Global Indicators Group at the World Bank and Colin Douglas, Interim Director for the research project ‘Is Britain Fairer’, and Rt Hon Baroness Northover, the knowledge sharing session empowered those present with new information and acquaintances which we hope will enable us all to feel more confident in the issues and actions necessary to advance towards gender equality. 

To learn more of the World Bank’s enlightening report and the passionate and informative ideas shared by the speakers and audience members alike, read the summary report here. Including biographies, a letter from our Chair and following up from the event’s success!

Speakers and NAWO staff involved in the event