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Leave No One Behind & Global Equity: Christian Aid HLPF Briefing

Christian AIdAhead of the first tranche of national voluntary reviews at the HLPF, Christian Aid, Christian Aid Ireland and InspirAction have today published a briefing paper, Leave No One Behind and Global Equity: Reviewing our Shared Commitments, which asks how the SDG commitment to address inequality between countries (as well as within countries) could be dealt with through national reporting. We consider this question through the lens of 5 different targets which relate very closely to Christian Aid priority themes: Migration; Fossil Fuel Subsidies; Climate Finance; Illicit Financial Flows and Domestic Resource Mobilisation.

This is the first year of reviews since the SDGs were agreed, and we are conscious that more work needs to be done to build up strong accountability. We will be watching with interest as governments present their reviews over the next few days and we hope that the briefing and accompanying blog will spark further conversation about how to strengthen these reviews over the coming years.