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Istanbul Campaign Third Reading – How can you support?

In 2016 NAWO proudly supports the ICChange Campaign and we are continuing to do so in 2017.

Please see the below for more information on the Campaign and how you can get involved.

ICChange campaign are delighted to announce that the Istanbul Convention Bill (IC Bill) has moved successfully through the Committee stage and the Third Reading will take place on Friday 24 February.

Like the Second Reading, they really need your help to ensure that at least 100 MPs turn up on the day and vote for the IC Bill on 24 February so that the bill can make it past this final stage in the House of Commons – and move to the House of Lords.

The key info is on their website:

In December, the campaign through the support of their network  managed to mobilise 135 MPs to vote in favour of the bill at the Second Reading. This was a huge achievement!

However, we cannot afford to be complacent because the Third Reading is far from won. Once again, the debate will take place on a Friday when MPs tend to be in their local constituencies – so it will require a lot of lobbying from their constituents and organisations they respect to get them there again


Please help us to email, tweet and call MPs – and let us know if they commit to attending.

You can download a template email to MP’s here I and Third Reading Change Herstory campaign packs for you as an organisation and for your supporters – to help us mobilise people to lobby MPs to attend on 24 February. These are great resources that we would encourage you to use in your campaigning on this issue so that the diverse range of supporting organisations can speak with one, united voice.

 Supportersbriefingpack-2 (1)


The packs contain key information about the campaign and lots of tools for organisations and their supporters to use to encourage MPs to attend the debate. The packs refer to each other so should be shared as a pair.

please get in touch with IC Change campaign on  If you are a local organisation, or have local groups/organisations that are a part of your organisation, we would love to hear from you so that we can include you in our MP targeting and support you to lobby your local MP. Please let them know if this is you and who you local MP is/are.

You will find a list of the MPs who attended and voted on the IC Bill here. If an MP you are contacting attended the last reading, thank them and ask them to continue their support.