Women and the vote

The snap election in June brings with it a whirlwind; one of media, politicians, door knockers, facebook opinions, whys? Really all this agains?

Whatever your political orientation, such a snap election and the crushing realisation of yet more campaigning brings home just how far the women’s rights movement has taken us. At the London School of Economics there is a small room on the top floor of a inceptionesque futuristic library. This room is the relocated Women’s Library and inside its see-through walls are a collection of books, archives and objects that collectively represent the history of the UK women’s movement. Started in a pub, as all the best things are, this library was collected together not only to preserve the work and progress of the women’s movement in 1926 but to provide a resource for newly enfranchised women to enter public life.

So whatever way you decide to vote, follow their example; be knowledgable, be opinionated and be present.

Just some thoughts from an LSE grad. Milly Mulcahey