Update from Euractiv website Jan no 2.

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  1. Commission wants to open up legal, architectural, and engineering professions.

The European Commission proposed on Tuesday (10 January) a fine-tuning

of the Services Directive in order to address the over-protection of

certain professions in the member states.  While goods move freely

across EU borders, the Commission has pointed out that more than 5,000

regulated professions across Europe represent an obstacle to the freedom

of movement of professional workers in the Union.

         2.  Greek broadcasters want exemption from wealth declaration 

TV channel owners opened a new row with the Syriza-led government when

they asked the country’s administrative court to exempt its top

executives from filing a wealth statement, citing privacy concerns.

The government has been on a collision course with TV owners for months

now, after it decided to regulate the media landscape with a

controversial license auction from which Athens raised an unexpected

€246 million. The European Commission viewed the increase of public

revenue in a positive light and made it clear that member states were

free to operate licensing regimes as long as these comply with EU law,

including the freedom of establishment and to provide services set out

in EU treaties.

                    3. Study denounces ‘false belief’ in antibiotics 

An unprecedented study carried out by a multinational team shows

that antibiotic use among Spanish children is verging on excessive, as

they are given twice what their German and American equivalents are.

EurActiv Spain reports. [6]  The study said that “the results suggest

that Spain prescribes a large number of antibiotics to children and that

at least 50% of those prescriptions are unnecessary. (see results in more detail HERE)  Resistant bacteria

have emerged to all known antibiotics and that is putting people in a

compromising situation.”

                         4. European Parliament presidential race descends into farce 

Between improbable alliances and unpopular candidates, the election of

the European Parliament’s next president is becoming something of a

farce, with Italy in the leading role. EurActiv France reports [8]. A

total of eight candidates are running, representing all political

groups.The European Parliament is expected to elect its President on 17

January, following the decision of incumbent President Martin Schulz to

opt for a career in German politics. (Read report in further detail HERE)


                        5. Germany’s Commissioner apologises to MEPs for ‘racist’ speech

Günther Oettinger, Germany’s EU Commissioner, has apologised to

members of the European Parliament for calling the Chinese

“slitty-eyed” and for mocking gay marriage and women during a speech

in Hamburg. Oettinger’s second apology for the gaffe-strewn address

was made ahead of a 9 January Parliament hearing about the Digital

Commissioner’s suitability to take up the budget and human resources