The Activist’s Guide to the Sustainable Development Goals

Monday 30th November 2015, 4pm – 6pm, Christian Aid, Waterloo

The Activists Guide to the SDGs - 30th Nov 2015

Raising awareness and developing strategy on implementation of SDGs.

In order to raise awareness of the best ways to implement and monitor implementation of the SDGS across the UK and for those NGOs working internationally – across the globe, we aim to have a briefing looking at how women are working in different continents on the SDG indicators.  We know that there will be a high level indicator per target and these will be launched in March 2016.  The UN, and indeed the UK Government, is keen to have indicators that can be used at regional, national and local level in order to have a better picture and application of implementation and success.

The purpose of this event is to learn from activists from all continents, the work that is underway in this regard.  By learning from each other we can perhaps assist and support each other to improve our processes and projects related to the SDGs and indicators. The event will take place on Monday 30 November at Christian Aid offices from 4-6, hosted by Helen Denis.  The event will be chaired by Zarin Hainsworth, Chair of the CSW Alliance.  Speakers will include Meera Khana from Guild of Service India, speaker from Africa sponsored by Action Aid and speaker from Europe sponsored by NAWO.  After presentations from the speakers where will be break out groups for participants to consult together on how they can use this learning in their own work and if there are any suggestions for the CSW Alliance to follow up with GEO, Ministers or CSW Alliance members.

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Pre-CSW training 

Saturday 31st October 10am-1pm, London Resource Centre

All welcome, even – and especially if – you don’t know what CSW is! Find out more about CSW here.
We will be holding CSW Training/induction/How to.. which will cover:
What is CSW, how does it fit into the UN, how does it link with other UN processes, the themes of CSW 60 (March 2016) and background information, how to be accredited, how to organise my time, networking, lobbying, presentation skills, where to stay, how to register etc etc. This is open to anyone interested in attending CSW in 2016.  It is a prerequisite to attend the CSW Alliance meeting in the afternoon and the meeting with GEO in November (information below).

There will be another training in January/February 2016 for those who are unable to make this date.

CSW Alliance meeting (to follow training) 

Saturday 31st October 2pm-5pm, date and venue as above

This is a meeting for the CSW Alliance where we will discuss any business in order to prepare for CSW60 and the meeting with GEO in November. with a plenary discussion to share knowledge on the SDGs, how they relate to women and girls, the impact on the UK and their relevance to CSW 60; Violence against women and girls and the review of previous CSWs; the working methods document and how this relates to SDGs and CSW 60; the World Humanitarian Summit in relation to women and girls; Women’s rights in the UN system.  We will also have working groups on relevant themes. Current suggestions for breakout groups include: CSW60’s priority theme; review theme; emerging issue; working methods; working for the world humanitarian summit.  We may also look at CSW Alliance issues papers, holding parallel events etc. 

UK NGO CSW Alliance ‘Beijing+20: What Next?’ Event 

Thursday 25 June 2015, 1pm – 5pm, Attlee Suite, Portcullis House

This was an open meeting of the UK NGO CSW Alliance to celebrate twenty years of the Beijing Platform and Declaration for Action, and explore the way forward for women’s NGOs in progressing toward gender equality.

Please join us for lunch at 1pm, before enjoying the panels, networking with Women’s Rights NGOs drawn from broad and diverse range of expertise, and question and answer sessions with representatives from the GEO, Christian Aid, European Women’s Lobby, MPs and more.

Additionally, copies of ‘Voices and Reflections from Women’s Rights NGOs on Beijing+20’ will be distributed at the event.  The book collates experiences from women who were present at the Fourth World Conference for Women in Beijing 1995 where the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action was produced, and from representatives of NGOs who were present at CSW59 this year, focused on the twenty years since the BPFA.

Please find the RSVP form here.

An agenda can be downloaded here.


Please do stay for the NAWO Elder Awards to take place in the same location from 5pm, afternoon tea will be served and awards given to four amazing women who have contributed significantly to the fight for gender equality.  Find out more here.

CSW59, March 9th – 25th 2015

For Events that UK NGO CSW Alliance Members are running at CSW59 please see this document. For UK NGO CSW Alliance Documents and responses, view this page.

UK NGO CSW Alliance CSW59 Preparation Days

Europe House, 32 Smith Square, Jan and Feb 2015.
Jan 26th, Agenda
Feb 13th, Agenda