UK NGO CSW Alliance’s productive event “The Activists Guide to the SDGs”

Helen and all speakersIn November last year the CSW Alliance with the support of Helen Dennis and Christian Aid brought together speakers from across the globe to discuss the progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), raise awareness about international initiatives linked to SDGs and develop a strategy for implementation and monitoring of the SDGs.

The event was chaired by Zarin Hainsworth, Chair of CSW Alliance, Marianne Haslegrave, Director, Commonwealth Medical Trust, Justina Mutale, President of Justina Mutale Foundation for Leadership, Meera Khanna, Deputy Director Guild of Service India, joined us for the event.

Presentations included progress implementing SDG’s in Africa, India, UK and Europe. Following the presentations breakout groups discussed and shared ideas and best practice and participants were provided with the opportunity to form alliances for future working.

The final session offered participants an opportunity to share thoughts, ideas and seek clarification from the speakers.

To learn more about the event and the information shared by speakers and participants read the summary report here.

We would like to thank all those involved in making this a very successful and informative event.