TWN Parallel Event

CSW64 – Parallel Event


Date:                           16 March 2020

Location:           Drew Room, Church Centre

Time:                  8.30am


The Training for Women Network Ltd (TWN) works with other like-minded organisations working towards gender equality and improving the lives of women throughout Ireland.  The programmes we deliver are in areas of high social deprivation and often with a high paramilitary presence.  We help develop and empower women to take up leadership roles within their community and help them move on from poverty and coercion.

Parallel event

‘NI Women living in a post conflict society’

This is a hard-hitting, informative drama piece and has been very well received wherever it has been performed.

The drama and conversation piece showcase the role women have played over the last 40 years in their communities that have been and in some instances still controlled by paramilitary organisations. The drama piece charts an individual woman’s journey as the wife of a prominent paramilitary and the issues that caused for the family ending in a dramatic and moving conclusion.

The second piece following on from the drama is a conversation piece between 3 women and the audience, again highlighting the life of women in Northern Ireland whose lives have been affected.

The programme will showcase is designed to empower women to make change in their communities taking power from those who would try to destroy/maintain control over them.

Through the conversations, we really want to learn from others who may have had similar experiences which we could incorporate into our future planning.