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AGM and Annual Reports

NAWO’s AGM Annual Report 2019

A report for this can be found here.

NAWO’s AGM Programme 2019

A document for the programme can be found here.

NAWO’s AGM Report 2019

A report for this can be found here.

NAWO’s Annual Seminar 2019

A document for this can be found here.

NAWO’s AGM July 2018 (Minutes)

A brief minutes report of 2018 can be found here.

NAWO’s AGM Annual Report 2018

A report for this can be found here.

NAWO’s AGM Annual Report 2017

A report for this can be found here.

NAWO’s AGM Programme 2016

A document for the programme can be found here.

NAWO’s AGM September 2016

NAWO’s Trustee Report and Accounts  for year 2015 were agreed and signed off at the AGM.


NAWO’s MCM Annual Report and Accounts 2015

A report for this can be found here.

NAWO’s AGM June 2015 (Minutes)

A brief minutes report of 2017 can be found here.

NAWO’s AGM June 2015

NAWO held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 25th June in Committee Room 8 at the House of Commons.

We were delighted to update Members on our projects, finances and upcoming priorities and to see so many engaged, enthused attendees (over 50 women were present).

NAWO AGM Flyer, 25th June

NAWO’s Trustee Report and Accounts can be viewed here.  These were agreed and signed off at the AGM.

We were fortunate to host Joanna Maycock, Secretary General of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL), at the meeting.  Joanna spoke with eloquence, insight and candidly on the challenges facing women’s rights NGOs within the European Union, and how we can collectively work together to influence change in this region and in the United Kingdom.


We bid a fond and tearful farewell to…

  • Annette Lawson (Chair)
  • Lynda Dearlove (Treasurer)
  • Momtaz Rahim (Trustee)
  • June Jacobs (Vice Chair)
  • Tahirih Danesh (Trustee)
  • and Julie Bindel (Trustee)

who all stepped down officially at the AGM.

However, we wish to welcome the New NAWO Board!  


We look forward to working with returning members and new recruits, and are thrilled to follow a wonderful Trustee Board with another group of amazing women.

View the new Trustee Board here.

Minutes from the meeting will be uploaded here shortly, if you have any questions or clarifications, please email Rosie at

NAWO’s AGM May 2014

The 20th annual NAWO AGM was held in Committee Room 4a in the House of Lords. We are very grateful to Baroness Fiona Hodgson for hosting and expertly chairing the AGM. There were 20 member organisations and individuals present. Find the Trustees’ Report and Accounts here.

This was followed by our AGM Conference: Turning Fury into Politics, chaired by NAWO Chair Annette Lawson.

At this conference, some of the young women involved in the Young Women’s Manifesto Project shared their experiences of the project with Conference attendees. Gina Horst from the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) joined them to place the project in the context of the European Parliament elections and issues around representation of women at the European level. Zarin Hainsworth, NAWO Vice-Chair, completed the speaker panel and connected the project to NAWO’s work of connecting European and international mechanisms to the domestic UK level, and vice versa.

Annette explained that this Project was inspired by young women’s passion and fury; expressed in the Press and on the web, through the creation of petitions and campaigns, through Twitter and by engagement with campaigns like No More Page 3 and 50:50. Young women are angry at how they are presented and their voices not being heard, and this project has emphasised that without legal change, a cultural shift and engagement with politics, rage and passion cannot effect social and political change.

Josie Austin, NAWO Project Intern, introduced the Young Women’s Manifesto given to all attendees in their Conference packs and explained that the goals were to create a Manifesto of young women’s demands to send to all MEPs, and to educate young women about the European Parliament and the importance of political engagement – particularly to encourage them to vote in the European Parliament elections and engage with young women less likely to vote. Ultimately, we want young women to feel that they have a voice in Europe.

Josie explained that NAWO held an event in November 2013 (funded by the Economic and Social Research Council) at which young women drew up initial ideas for a Manifesto and discussed the European Parliament and policy with 3 elected MEPs and an MEP candidate. NAWO then went around the country from January 2014 to speak to young women, particularly from aged 16-25, including all 4 nations of the UK and from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. A preliminary Manifesto was developed, and served as a foundation for young women to engage with MEPs at our