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What is decent work in the changing world of work

#CSW66 What is ‘decent work’ in the changing world of work

An interactive panel with voices across generations and countries looking at the intersection between entrepreneurship, justice and education .... and ...
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#CSW66 Widows as Positive Agents

#CSW66 Widows as positive agents for change; resilience and best practice experiencing climate change

This interactive event highlights how widows are positive agents of change - We will also hear about the situation of ...
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TWN: Oral HerStory Gendered Spoken Accounts

#CSW66 HerStory: Gendered Spoken Accounts of the Northern Ireland Conflict

An intimate journey through Northern Ireland’s troubled past. Hear voices of women who lived the troubles and young women who ...
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#csw66 Youth Led Meaningful Conversations

#CSW66 Meaningful conversations – Young women & girls

NAWO Young Women's Alliance (YWA) hosts - Young women's perspectives, issues, challenges: Why not to share yours? ...
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#CSW66 Gaps, Challenges and Action for Climate Change

#CSW66 Gaps, Challenges and Action for climate change

An interactive discussion with activists and experts reviewing progress since Beijing and highlighting key actions for positive change ...
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ACWW CSW66 Events

#CSW66 ACCW – Women’s empowerment for rural women

Associated Country Women of the World (ACCW) at #CSW66. Five events about empowering rural women ...
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Conversations on Climate Change - Responsibilities of businesss

#CSW66 Conversations on Climate Change – Responsibilities of businesss

This CSW66 side event looks at ways companies, large and small, entrepreneurs and corporates, can do business responsibly and ethically ...
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National Board of Catholic Women #CSW66

#CSW66 Water, Climate Change and Life Chances for Girls and Women

This #CSW66 event will look at the impact of climate change on availability of water and thus on women and ...
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Widows for Peace CSW66 Widows as Environmental Leaders

#CSW66 Widows as Environmental Leaders

Widows for Peace Through Democracy (WPD) CSW66 parallel event bringing together international speakers to explore how widows are sources of ...
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#csw66 Widows Meaningful Conversations

#CSW66 Widows Meaningful Conversations

A #CSW66 open forum for discussion on issues of concern to widows Hosted by Widow's Right International ...
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International Women's Day 2022


International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also ...
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