NAWO 16DaysofActivism to end violence against women and girls Campaign

2020 Context: The 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence is an international campaign  held every year to raise awareness, support initiatives and this year, use our voices to amplify the  negative impact of COVID_19 on women and girls. 

COVID_19 is exacerbating an alarming rise in multiple forms of violence against women and girls.  School closures, financial and food insecurity have heightened the risk of violence for women and  girls including sexual exploitation, harassment, FGM and child marriage. With the closure of shelters  and services for women and girls VAWG survivors are more likely to be at risk from perpetrators and  seeking help becomes even harder. 

Ending violence against women and girls is not on pause because of COVID_19 and we, the  National Alliance of Women’s Organisations (NAWO) in the UK, are inviting you to step up with us  to draw attention to the appalling impact on women and girls in the world. We are asking you: 

Will you step-up with us?

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