The National Alliance of Women’s Organisations is proud to provide a space for our incredible members to network and learn from other members’ unique expertise.
By way of our member spotlights we hope to share the hugely valuable work that our members do for women, be that on a local, national or international level.

This spotlight we’re focussing on 28 Too Many, an organisation which strives to end the harmful practice of FGM.
The following summary was provided by the member organisation:

“28 Too Many was established in 2010 by Dr Ann-Marie Wilson and is today a leading female genital mutilation research organisation.  Working closely at grass roots level as well as with governments, NGOs and UN bodies, our vision is a world where every girl and woman is safe, healthy and lives free from female genital mutilation.  The focus of 28 Too Many is to undertake research and to provide knowledge, tools, best practice models and support networks to help anti-FGM campaigners and organisations working with communities to bring about a sustainable change to end FGM.  28 Too Many effects change by:

  1. Collating and Interpreting Data (Research)

  2. Influencing Influencers (Top down approach)

  3. Equipping Local Organisations  (Bottom up approach)

Being part of NAWO has enabled us to work together with other organisations with a gender focus to ensure our voice is heard across Europe and internationally and to amplify the impact of the research that we do.  All our research and resources, including our new reports on FGM law, are free-to-download from our website”