Letter from March For Human Rights

A letter from March For Human Rights:

Following on from our update on the Human Rights Check UK project last week, we are pleased to let you know that the government has now published their state report. The government prepared this national report and submitted it to the United Nations as part as part of the Universal Periodic Review process.

You can read the government’s report on the state of human rights in the UK on the gov.uk website.

We will be analysing the report this week, and will be in touch with further information soon.

The government’s report was published after Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights and BIHR raised concerns that the report had not been made available in the UK. We wrote an official letter to the responsible Minister, Sir Oliver Heald QC MP, requesting that the report be published in the UK. In addition to raising our voice, we also highlighted the importance of the process to the many groups and organisations that we engaged with throughout the Human Rights Check UK project.

As you know, we are focusing on celebrating the value of human rights during the month of March, and we think securing the government’s publication of the report to ensure scrutiny and accountability is also something to celebrate! So please do spread the word about the report and join in our March for Human Rights celebrations. On social media, we are using the hashtags #MarchforRights and #alrightwithhumanrights.