Leaving the EU – where we are?


The EU Withdrawal Bill has been centre stage for a while now. There is a massive difference between the constitutional position and considerations, and the political ones. The issues around Northern Ireland continue and remain unclear about where the negotiations are at, and indeed if there has been any movement that will satisfy the EU. Other issues bubbling now are the trade agreement, immigration, timescales – transition arrangements.

The main issue is how the EU and the British Government will find common ground on the big issues and for Parliament to approve the proposal for leaving the EU. It is a very difficult and complex road as we know. We have kept you informed as much as we are able and I won’t go over the information again here. We have sent out letter to Peers in the House of Lords (HOL) that are known to us or have shown an interest in the issues important to us. We are now in the midst of the HOL committee stage. The Peers have shown they have a clear understanding of the issues and have been clear about their role and remit in considering and debating the amendments. Voting on the amendments is likely not to be until the end of the Committee stage although not impossible. I will update as the HOL Committee Stage unfolds.