Greater London Authority new London Plan


In February I was invited to attend a London Plan Equalities consultation event at City Hall organised by just space for community organisations. During the session there were workshops exploring equality in relation to housing, regeneration and the economy, inclusive communities and social infrastructure, transport and public spaces. The plan can be found here. For me the major concern was the equality impact assessment which had been undertaken was high level. In my view and that of others one should have been prepared for each chapter of the Plan if equality issues are to be truly addressed. Intersectionality and congruency with the UN Convention and CEDAW were also tabled. I joined the Regeneration and Economy workshop. The main trust of our discussion was affordable social housing and accessible services within the community – health, education, transport, employment, support for young people etc. Summary feedback from all the workshops is being prepared which I will share. I have also provided written feedback. I will share any new information and updates.