Feminization of Peace and Security

Feminization of Peace and Security

Organiser: SecurityWomen

Date:           Wednesday 11th March 2020

Time:                     6.15 pm

Venue:       Armenian Convention Center, Guild Hall

                      630 2nd Avenue (at 35th St), New York

Our panel of speakers:

Moderator:      Brenda Oppermann, Senior Researcher, U.S. Naval War College, on leadership, organizational change and women, peace and security

Panel:                 Garima Bhatnagar, Chief of Mission Management, Police Division, UN Department of Peace Operations (DPO)

                             Njoki Rahab Kinyanjui, Chief of Gender Unit & Senior Gender Adviser, UN DPO

                             April Pham, Senior Gender Advisor, UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

                             Fatima Khan, CSW Youth Delegate from the UK

Description of event:

It’s critical that women, from across the world, get to play a greater part in the protection and security of citizens, and in working towards building a more peaceful world. Threats to human security range from localised breakdown of society to organised conflict to widespread terrorism. Currently, the security sector (policing, armed forces, cyber-security, peacekeeping, private security) is estimated to be 97 percent male dominated. Little attention has been paid to how gendered relations of power manifest in security institutions. On the other side, gendered security needs, in particular for women and girls, are ignored. How much better security, to enable the rule of law, could be for all members of society if gender is properly understood, mainstreamed and embedded throughout law and justice systems.

This event is about knowledge transfer, providing information, best practice and examples of where women have contributed to keeping and building peace, and where the gaps are. We are a long way from achieving gender equity and so this event is intended to inspire and reenergise for the work that needs to be done.