February 7 2017 European News update


Foundation :

Meetings between debt market and exchange professionals

photo non dispoJean-Dominique Giuliani, Chairman of the Foundation, is taking part on 21st February in the 8th meeting of debt market and exchange professionals. He is speaking during the third round table “The European Union and the United Kingdom: what needs to be negotiated? An overview of the issues at stake


Commission :

Comitology: greater transparency and accountability

photo non dispoOn 14th February the Commission proposed the modification of the regulation on comitology and measures aiming to increase transparency and accountability in the implementation procedures of European legislation


[FYI Comitology refers to a set of procedures through which EU countries control how the European Commission implements EU law. Broadly speaking, before it can implement an EU legal act, the Commission must consult, for the detailed implementing measures it proposes, a committee where every EU country is represented.]

Parliament :

Vision of the future of Europe

photo non dispoMEPs adopted three resolutions exploring future developments of the EU on 16th February. The first focuses on which might be done to take best advantage of the isbon Treaty. The second analyses the possibility of going beyond the present tools available to us. The third suggests greater rapprochement by the euro zone economies

Council :
Eurogroup Conclusions

photo non dispoOn 20th February in Brussels the 19 Finance Ministers of the euro zone welcomed the convergence of Greece’s positions with those of the institutions (ECB, IMF, European Commission and the European Stability Mechanism) which should lead to the launch of the country’s third economic adjustment programme. They also looked at the Commission’s economic forecast for 2017-2018

Conclusions of the Competitiveness Council

photo non dispoOn 20th February the 28 Ministers responsible for Trade, Industry, Research and Innovation exchanged views on the new initiative in support of start-ups and scale-ups and also on cooperation in terms of consumer protection.


Germany :

Munich Security Conference

photo non dispoOn 17th February during the Munich Security Conference German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen asked the USA not to “go it alone” with Russia whilst the “Europeans and the USA have a joint interest in finding a tension-free relationship with Russia

France :

Report by the information committee on the consequences of the British referendum

photo non dispoFrench MPs want a short negotiation and a vote on the future relationship between the EU and the UK said the report by the information committee on the consequences of the British referendum, which was approved unanimously less one vote on 15th February