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On this page you’ll find out more about European Parliament.  

What it is, what it does, and why it is important.

What is the European Parliament?

European Parliament is one of the seven institutions that make up the European Union.

The European Union itself is made up of 28 countries from across Europe.  Each country has joined the European Union to forge political and economic partnerships with other countries with the overall aim of establishing financial stability and peace.

 You can find out more about the European Union here.

The European Union makes laws on different issues that affect all the Countries (otherwise known as parties) that are members of it, once these laws are agreed they enter in to effect and are binding (meaning each member Country must put these laws in to practice in their own Countries).

The European Parliament debates the laws that are proposed by the European Commission.  The European Parliament is the only directly elected institution within the European Union, it is formed of Members of European Parliament (MEPs).

The number of MEPs per Country varies based on the population of these Countries.  In the United Kingdom we elect 73 MEPs across 12 regions.

Find out more about European Parliament here.

What does the European Parliament do?

The European Parliament has the power (along with the European Council) to pass laws after a debating process.  European Parliament can change the content of these laws if it disagrees with them or believes they need amending.

It also holds the Commission to account, this means that it makes sure that the Commission (along with other European Union institutions) is behaving correctly and properly representing all the member Countries of the EU.

The European Parliament is therefore incredibly important, the MEPs you vote for are the ones that will be protecting your rights and trying to make sure that laws you like and would help you are passed, and laws you dislike are changed or do not pass.

Find out more about the European Parliament here.

When is the European Parliament Election?

European Parliament elections happen every 5 years, in the United Kingdom the next European Parliament Election date has not been set as we recently had an election on May 22nd 2014.

To vote in the election you must be over 18 (though you can register your interest to vote at 16) and registered to vote.

To register or check whether you are registered already just follow this link.

Who are my MEPs?

MEPs represent a certain region, find out what region you are in and your MEPs here.

We will be keeping in contact with several MEPs that supported our Young Women’s Project so look out for events and actions on the youth caucus main tab!


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