European News Bulletin Feb no 2.

Migration :

  1. Further three month extension to border controls. 

  The European Commission gave the green light on 25th January to a

further three month extension for controls on some borders within

Schengen, reintroduced in 2015 by five countries (Germany, Austria,

Denmark, Sweden, and Norway) which are facing a high migratory flow

  On 25th January the European Commission proposed measures to impede

African migrant flows travelling to the EU via Libya and to counter

smugglers better, including greater support to Libyan coast guards

Financial Crisis :

           2. Debt: the euro zone releases aid to Greece. 

  The European Stability Mechanism announced on 23rd January that it had

decided to release funds for the Greek debt grants then suspended under

pressure by Germany after the surprise announcement in December of

social measures by Athens

Parliament :

               3. Chairs of the European Parliamentary Committees appointed. 

  The 22 committees have elected their chairs. 16 renewed the mandate of

the outgoing chair, including the Britons. Six committees have a new

chair (foreign affairs, women’s rights, environment, transport, culture

and human rights). There are as many women chairs as men. Two committees

of inquiry (EMIS and PANA) also appointed their chair…

Council of Europe:

             4. Nicos Anastasiades determined to settle the Cypriot question. 

  The settlement of the Cypriot problem based on the values of the values of the

Council of Europe, the respect of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms

is one condition sine qua non to strengthen democratic security in

Europe and the eastern Mediterranean, declared Nicos Anastasiades, the

President of Cyprus on 24th January

       5. The Freedom of the Press seriously threatened in several European


  The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) said it was

concerned on 24th January about increasing violence that has been

directed towards journalists over the last two years in Europe, notably

in Turkey and Crimea