Europe News: March 3

Migration :

    Sanctions against the countries that do not take in refugees?

On 2nd March the European Commission warned that it would “not hesitate” to take out infringement procedures against countries that refused to take in refugees from Italy and Greece whilst calling for tougher national measures to be taken against illegal migrants


Entry and Exit system for the Schengen Area

On 2nd March the Council adopted its mandate in view of starting negotiations with the European Parliament on a proposed entry/exit system for the Schengen Area for citizens of third countries crossing the area’s external border…

Parliament :

Visa obligation for Americans?

In a resolution adopted on 2nd March MEPs exhorted the Commission to take the necessary legal steps “within the next two months” to reintroduce temporary visa obligations for US citizens given that Washington is refusing reciprocity to citizens of five EU Member States.

Diplomacy :

Implementation of the EU’s global strategy for security and defence

On 6th March Defence Ministers adopted conclusions on the implementation of the EU’s global strategy in the area of security and defence. They committed to improving military missions. They re-iterated their interest in the EU in terms of cooperation with the Western Balkans. Whilst power struggles are destabilising the region the EU recalled that it is prepared to counter illegal trafficking and terrorism in the region

Sweden :

Sweden re-introduces obligatory military service

On 2nd March the Swedish government announced that obligatory military service would be re-introduced as of 1st January 2018 due to the deterioration in security in Europe’s neighbourhood

Switzerland :

The Council’s Conclusions on relations with Switzerland

On 28th February the Council stressed its attachment to Switzerland as a partner and invited it to continue its alignment with the restrictive measures taken by the EU against Russia

Ukraine :
The assets of 15 people continue to be frozen

On 3rd March the Council extended until 6th March 2018 the freeze of assets of 15 people identified as responsible for the embezzlement of funds from the Ukrainian State…

End of visa obligations for Ukrainians

Ukrainian citizens will now be able to travel to the European Union without a visa in line with an agreement concluded between Parliament and the Council on 2nd March

Eurostat :
Unemployment rate down

According to a Eurostat study published on 2nd March the unemployment rate in the EU lay at 8.1% in January 2017. This was the lowest rate recorded in the EU since January 2009. In the euro zone the rate lay at 9.6%, ie the lowest rate since May 2009

Studies/Reports :

BusinessEurope advocates greater reform in the European Union

The federation of major European businesses published its reform barometer 2017 on 2nd March. Only 17% of the recommendations made to the States have been adopted…

Culture :

“One World” Festival Prague

From 6th to 15th March the international documentary film festival is taking place in Prague and will be focusing on Human Rights. It is the biggest festival of its kind in Europe