Euro News – September no. 6


Migration :

A network of smugglers dismantled in Europe thanks to police cooperation

A network of mainly non-European smugglers who were illegally smuggling migrants across Europe was dismantled on 6th September thanks to cooperation between several European police forces coordinated by Europol and Eurojust

Commission :

The Commission wants to improve aviation security and competitiveness

On 7th September the Commission proposed the introduction of a single EU certification procedure on inspection and screening equipment used for aviation security

Parliament :

Guy Verhofstadt appointed as the European Parliament’s representative for the Brexit
On 8th September the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament appointed Guy Verhofstadt, MEP and former Belgian Prime Minister as the EP’s representative for the negotiations over the Brexit.

Court of Justice :

Differences in treatment in protection against extradition

In a decision C-182/15 dated 6th September the European Court of Justice recognises that a State is not obliged to grant the same protection to an EU citizen having been present on its territory as it does to its own citizens

Ireland :

The Irish parliament supports the Irish government against the Commission’s decision over Apple

On 7th September the Dáil Éireann (the Irish parliament) supported the Irish government’s decision to appeal against the EU’s decision regarding tax advantages granted to Apple deemed to be illegal State aid.