Euro News – September no. 5


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Commission pushes controversial ‘Google tax’ to save news publishers

The European Commission presented a plan today (14 September) to charge internet companies for linking to online news following a heated, two-year-long fight over whether the “Google tax” will help publishers stay profitable—or simply be overzealous regulation that could “break the internet”.  The measure is one of the most fought over parts of a controversial overhaul of EU copyright law that the European Commission presented in Strasbourg.

The so-called Google tax for news publishers has been sharply criticised by Google and other internet companies that came under fire when similar laws were introduced in Germany and Spain. In a blog post published today, Google said, “It would hurt anyone who writes, reads or shares the news—including the many European startups working with the news sector to build sustainable business models online,” the company wrote. “The Commission’s plan to create a copyright for news publishers in Europe is a significant and historic step,” said Carlo Perrone, head of the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association, told AFP.

Juncker to announce €200 billion extra funds in ‘State of the Union’ speech
Energy and digital infrastructure projects are expected to receive a further €200 billion funding boost under plans to be announced today (14 September) by the President of the European Commission in his State of the Union address. Jean-Claude Juncker will announce the extra funding as part of a drive to reunite Europe in the aftermath of Britain’s shock decision to leave the European Union in a referendum last June. The €200 billion will come on top of the €315 billion already made available under the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI), also dubbed the “Juncker Plan”.

Juncker: Soft power is not enough for the EU

In the State of the Union speech he delivered today (14 September), Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker proposed new powers for the EU foreign affairs chief, and the start of a real defence effort, compatible with NATO

New telecoms rules: bringing Europe’s internet up to speed?

The European Commission is proposing changes to laws governing telecoms service this month that will affect how people use the internet and phones around the EU. There’s a lot at stake for consumers, former state-owned monopolies and emerging service providers: the new rules will shake up internet quality, competition between firms, user rights and the powers