Euro News – September no. 3


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VW says ‘no room or need for compensation’ in emissions scandal

Volkswagen has rejected suggestions it may have breached European Union consumer rules in connection with its emissions cheating scandal, and said it does not see the need to compensate affected car owners.

Court Advisor: EU-Canada air passenger deal illegal

An EU-Canada deal to share air passenger data in a bid to fight terrorism cannot be passed in its present form as it would breach privacy laws, the chief legal advisor to the European Union’s top court said Thursday (8 September). The European Court of Justice’s advocate general said he reached the conclusion based on the court’s decision last year to strike down a separate pact between the EU and United States on sharing internet information.

Air pollutants strongly linked to Alzheimer’s
The chronic neurodegenerative disease Alzheimer’s could be caused by particulate matter produced by exhaust fumes, power plants and agriculture, according to a new study. EurActiv Germany reports. The theory that pollutants can cause brain damage is not new; several studies over the last few years have indicated that it is a possibility. Researchers have long maintained that particulate matter is harmful to health and over-exposure can lead to cancer, respiratory diseases and heart attacks.

New telecoms rules: bringing Europe’s internet up to speed?
The European Commission is proposing changes to laws governing telecoms service this month that will affect how people use the internet and phones around the EU. There’s a lot at stake for consumers, former state-owned monopolies and emerging service providers: the new rules will shake up internet quality, competition between firms, user rights and the powers of national regulators to police the law.

Online services like WhatsApp and Skype have increasingly become competitors for traditional phone services–but internet companies don’t want to be regulated by EU telecoms law.