EU Referendum and Gender Equality

The EU referendum – arguably the most important referendum in our lifetime – is fast approaching. However both the In and Out campaigns seem to fail to create a narrative that resonates with women. According to a recent poll for the Fawcett Society more than twice as many women as men remain undecided about whether the campaigns have addressed their issues.

If you’d like to find out more about the EU and how it has affected women please read a briefing paper produced by Engender . The briefing paper sets out the current gender equality law to which EU member states are bound under the terms of their membership, the impact that this legislation has had on UK policy, and current EU programmes, policies and funding priorities that promote gender equality. Women’s rights and equality have largely been missing from the EU referendum debate, and we hope that this information will be useful to those who are weighing their vote. The briefieng paper can be viewed here

The British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) has published its position on the EU Referendum which can be viewed here.

We hope that these information would be helpful to you when deciding how to vote on 23rd June 2016!