CSW 2019 Events

CSW62 took place in 2019. The following information and events are saved for archiving purposes.

10thof March:

Soroptimist International Advocacy Training

Where: Taipei, Economic and Cultural Office (TECO), 1 East 42nd St. New York, 10017

When: 4.00 – 6.00 pm.

Soroptimist International Reception

Where: Taipei, Economic and Cultural Office (TECO), 1 East 42nd St. New York, 10017

When: 6.15-8.30pm.

The cost will be $50.00 to attend the reception. Cash only.

Consultation Day

Venue: Borough of Manhattan College,

199 Chambers St. New York, NY 10007

Time: 9:00-3:30pm.

(fee and registration required)

Working towards greater implementation of 1325 – models of best practice States Parties and civil society

NAWO Women, peace and security network.

Time: 10.30 – 12.00 pm.

Venue: BIC

Window on widows of all ages: agents of change not merely recipients of social protection and public services

Widows Rights International (WRI)

Time: 12.30 – 2.00 pm.

Venue: BIC

UK Secretary of State providing opening remarks.

Best practice in legislation for survivors of domestic violence

Mayor of New York Commissioner on GBV, UK NGO CSW Alliance, Law Society of England and Wales, NAWO.

Time: 2.30 – 4.00 pm.

Venue: BIC

Round table with parliamentarians and young women

UK Mission, NAWO YWA, UK Youth caucus.

Time: 4.00 – 5.15 pm.

Invitation only.

11thof March:

Addressing Gender Through the Compact for Safe and Orderly Migration

Organizer: PPSEAWA International

Co-organizer: Soroptimist International

Time: 10:30am

Venue: 4W 43rd Street, Room: Social Hall.

Vocational Training of Women: an Excellent Investment

Soroptimist International of Europe

Co-organizer: Soroptimist International, Women for Water Partnership, BPW
Time: 2:30 PM
Venue: 4W 43rd Street

Room: The Blue Room

Financial Education for Girls

Time: 12.30 – 2.30 pm.

Venue: The Japan Society, 333 E 47thStreet, New York.

Window on widows of all ages: Agents of change not merely recipients of social protection and public services


Time: 12.30 – 2.00 pm.

Venue: Baha’i Intl. Community, 866 UN Plaza,  #120.

Working towards greater implementation of 1325 – models of best practice States Parties and civil society

Speakers include

Grant Shubin, Deputy Legal Director Global Justice Center

Activists from Cameroon and Niger

Organisations from Libya and the UK

Young women

Time: 10.30 – 12.00 pm.

12thof March:

NGO/GO Partnership for Women Under the Service of Domestic Violence

Modern Women’s Foundation SIA President-Elect, Tina Pan’s Foundation

Time: 8:30 AM.

Venue: Armenian Convention

Room:  Guild Hall

Advancing Women’s Legal Rigths to Water Organizer: Women for Water Partnership

Co-organizer: Soroptimist International, BPW
Time: 12:30 PM.
Venue: 4 W 43rd Street
Room: Aqua Room

CSW Forum Reception

Time: 6:00-8:00

Venue: The New Yorker Hotel, 481 8th Avenue.

(Fee and registration required)

Launch of a Global Feminist Alliance for Trade Justice

Gender and Trade Coalition
Time: 2:30 PM
Venue: 4 W 43rd Street, NYC. Aqua Room.

Gender- and Adolescent- Responsive Social Protection: Unleashing the Potential of Social Protection for Adolescent Girls and Women

Time: 10.00 – 10.15 am.

Venue: Conference Room 1 (CR1), United Nations Headquarters, New York, NY 10017

Is current governance infrastructure, including the judicial and legal system, delivering for women and girls?

UNCSW63 parallel event.

Time: 2.30 – 4.00 pm.

Venue:FEDCAP, 210 E 43rd St New York, NY 1001

Robust and independent judicial and legal institutions as a way of addressing women’s empowerment  

NAWO, Law Society of England and Wales, World Bank

Time: 10.30 – 12.00 pm.

Venue: BIC

Strengthening protection for women: delivering on the CEDAW recommendations through the SDGs


Time: 10.30 – 12.00 pm.

Venue: FEDCAP.

Public health investment in rural areas for women and girls 


Time: 12.30 – 2.00 pm.

Venue: FEDCAP.

13thof March:

Artisans Fair

Time: 12:00-4:00

Venue: Church Center

Gender-Responsive Social Protection for Marginalised Women and Survivors of Trafficking

Time: 4.30 pm

Venue: Social Hall, 4 W 43rd Street, New York 10036

Vision Voices – voices of young women on social protection, access to public services and sustainable infrastructure for gender equality and the empowerment of girls


Time: 11.30 – 12.45 pm.

Venue: UKMIS.

Migrant women and girls in crisis: the untold stories of migrant women and girls in accessing social protection

Justina Mutale Foundation

Time: 2.30 – 4.00 pm.

Venue: FEDCAP.

Ensuring public services and infrastructure are responsive to the needs and accessible to all women 

IPU, UN Women (NAWO YWA speaker)

Time: 2.30 – 4.15 pm.

Venue: Trusteeship Council Chamber.

There is no social protection unless it is gender sensitive

UN Women NC UK

Time: 4.30 – 6.00 pm.

Venue: Social Hall, 4 W 43rd St.

Women’s Access to Services in Times of Political Uncertainty

Sponsor: Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission

Time: 4:30-6:00 pm.

Venue: Auditorium, Salvation Army, New York (221 East 52nd Street, New York, NY, 10022, United States).

Making the economy work for women: Rights and realities 

AWID, FEMNET, PSI, IWDA and Womankind

Time: 6.15 – 7.45 PM.

Venue: CCUN

14thof March:

Lifting Women from Poverty Through Lifelong Learning

Organizer: Soroptimist International

Time: 12:30 PM
Venue: 4 W 43rd Street
Room: Social Hall

Ensuring robust spaces for civil society to strengthen sustainable infrastructure for gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls

CSW Alliance

Time: 12.30 – 2.00 pm.

Venue: FEDCAP, 210 E 43rd St 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10017, USA.

Social Protection, Gender Equality, and Women’s Empowerment

UN Mission of the Republic of Korea

Co-organizer: International Council of Women

Time: 4:45-6:00

Venue: United Nations Main Building.

Room: 11.

* SI UN representative Dr. Martina Gredler to speak.

Development education and it’s role in empowerment: case studies from the Pacific Rim


Time: 10.30 – 12.00 pm.

Venue: BIC.

Equality for Women=Prosperity for All


Time: 3.15 – 5.00 pm.

Venue: BIC.

Faith & Feminism: Forward looking strategies on social protection


Time: 4.30 – 6.00 pm.

Venue: FEDCAP.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education for Youth: a key to gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls


Time: 10 am.

Venue:UNICEF House, 3 UN Plaza, East 44 Street, New York.

Every woman matters – Social protection and older women’s economic empowerment

Age International

Time: 10.30 – 12.00 pm.

Venue: FEDCAP – 210 East 43rdStreet (between 2ndand 3rdAvenue).

15thof March:

From the Cradle to the Grave: Social Protections for Women and Girls

Organizer: Mission of Romania and Soroptimist International

Time: 1:15 – 2:30 pm.

Venue: United Nations CR A.



Time: 12:00- 2:00pm.

Venue: Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza, 245 E 47th St, New York, NY 10017.

Girls Excluded: The body confidence crisis and tools for action 

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

Time: 2.30pm

Venue: 2nd Floor, Church Centre.

Our streets too. Listen to Girls’ voices

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

Time: 4.30pm.

Venue: 2nd Floor, Church Centre.

Unlocking the Power of Faith

UN Commission on the Status of Women #63

Based Partnerships: Enabling the Right to Social Protection

Time: 10:00 -11:30 am.

Faith, Feminism and Human Rights Frameworks

Time: 10-11.30 am.

Venue: Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations

18thof March:

Time: 11:30 -12:45 pm.

Venue: Side Event at Express Bar, UN Building, New York

Opening Remarks




The introduction will amplify the value of faith

-based partnerships, informed by the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities

research, we will share some of the success stories and where there are still challenges to address

Panel Discussion on Enabling the Right to Social Protection

(30 minutes)

The panel of threefaith actors, will discuss how faith-based partnerships are

enabling the right to social protection, by challenging gender-norms, and stepping in when the state and society fail to deliver.

Followed by Q & A

(10 minutes)

Closing Remarks

(10 minutes)

The definition of empowerment in the context of Agenda 2030


Time: 10.00 – 11.30 am.

Venue: BIC.

Ensuring all gender targets of Agenda 2030 are implemented

CSW Alliance

Time: 12.00 – 1.30 pm.

Venue: BIC, 866 United Nations Plaza #120, New York, NY 10017, USA.

Best practice models for States Parties working with civil society at CSW

CSW Alliance and UK GEO

Time: 4.45 – 6.00 pm.

Venue: Express Bar, UN Building


19thof March:

Advancing Women’s Legal Rights to Water

Women for Water Partnership

Co-Organizer: Environmental Law Institute

Time: 2:30 PM.

Venue: Salvation Army, Auditorium.

Ensuring women’s voices are heard in the implementation of Agenda 2030


Time: 11.00 – 12.30 pm.

Venue: BIC

Widow’s empowerment and the link to sustainable development 


Time: 1 – 2.30 pm.

Venue: BIC

20thof March:

The role of development education regarding the impact of sustainable development on women and girls


Time: 11-12.30 pm.

Venue: BIC

The role of ethical business to aid women’s empowerment in the light of Agenda 2030 


Time: 2 – 3.30 pm.

Venue: BIC

21stof March:

Global Citizens – Global Coverage for Women and Girls

Coalition for Global Citizenship 2030

Co-Organizer: Soroptimist International

Time: 2:30 PM.

Venue: Salvation Army.

Room: Downstairs.