CSW Alliance Statement to CSW 61


Succeeding in achieving women’s economic empowerment is at the heart of succeeding in
the attainment of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable
Development Goals. However, the promise of the SDGs, their targets and the optimism
surrounding them remains critically challenged by persistent inequalities, prejudice and
stereotypes and regression of rights and progress. Systemic barriers to women’s
economic, as well as political and social, equality enable violence against women including
domestic abuse, rape and commercial sexual exploitation. This is exacerbated by austerity
policies that disproportionately further disadvantage women across Europe.
Failure to ensure the participation of women of all ages in the economy through good jobs
is a limitation of women’s rights and hinders growth and the economy. We need to
underpin the political will for change by determined actions and gendered approaches
across all sectors.
Women earn less, have fewer economic assets, experience the burden of unpaid work and
care, face greater poverty in paid and unpaid work and more often face risks from informal
and unprotected employment than men.

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