CSW 57 -2013


This is an exciting and very busy time indeed. NAWO has many great events coming up. Further details are given under ‘events’ in this bulletin:

October 15 What rights do Rural Women Have? At the House of Lords with ACWW –the Association of Country Women Worldwide– a follow-up to this year’s Commission on the Status of Women on rural women which failed to agree an outcome.

October 16 CSW for Beginners at the Baha’I Centre,Rutland Gate, with Advance. Want to learn about CSW? Are you planning to attend and need preparation? This is for you!

October 19 Compulsory quotas for women: what should the EU do next? at Europe Housefollowing the announcement byCommissioner Reding about quotas forboards for the EU. NAWO gave evidence tothe select committee of the House of Lords onthis topic. As did the European Women’sLobby.

October 30 Women’s Voices should be Heard and Heeded, at the Baha’i centre inLiverpool. Know people there? – pleasespread the word.

October 24

And don’t forget UK Feminista’s Feminist Lobby of Parliament. NAWO is a supporter. I am going. Are you? Make an appointment with your MP!

Preparing for CSW57– next year– on Violence Against Women and Girls New UK

NGO CSW57 Liaison Group. Key words: inclusion and effectiveness

NAWO is engaged in forging a new alliance. We, together with others, have been bringing together, first in open meetings and recently also as a ‘Core Group’ of about 25, as many women’s organisations interested in the Commission on the Status of Women as possible. Next year – March 2013 – inNew York, the major theme will be Violence Against Women and Girls – especially its prevention. So we needed women from the VAWG sector, women who know about CSW and the UN, women with networks and outreach both in theUKand internationally. But any organisation interested in CSW is welcome. NAWO is acting as the secretariat and will have a special page for the group on our new web site.

Issues and Recommendations

At the first meeting hosted by Jackie Jonesat the University of the West of England, (sheis a member of the European WomenLawyers Association and the WalesAssembly of Women) we agreed a generalshape for the grouping, a name, and theessential skills also needed to run it andengage in it at different levels with differentinputs. We also agreed to get a paper to GEO on issues and recommendations on the topic of VAWG, and, so that they would be able to include our ideas in their thinking well ahead of their negotiations with the EU which speaks with one voice at CSW, we agreed to try to get this paper to them before their preparatory meeting with NGOs (October 17th). An Issues sub-group led by EVAW (End Violence Against Women coalition) and with other knowledgeable women have produced a draft with much input from others. So this will be done! It will e amended again in the light of iscussions at the October 17th meeting and ith additional submissions.

Emerging Issues

And we agreed to seek to make widowhood the topic not yet announced for the ‘emerging issue’. UN Women (UK NC), a NAWO member, is helping on this by sending the rationale produced mainly by Margaret Owen of Widows for Peace through Democracy (WPD, also a NAWO member) through to UN Women and we are also seeking to get our own government to support this.

UN Women also produces the draft ‘agreed conclusions’ on which governments negotiate at the meeting and which we hope ends up as an agreed outcome document setting governments tasks to carry out which should improve the damage done to millions of women and girls globally through gender based violence in all its manifestations. Hence we will also seek to influence UN Women on their draft.

Liaising amongst NGOs and also with Government

The task of the UK NGO CSW57 Liaison Group is not only to liaise amongst ourselves but also to liaise with government before, during and following CSW. This we have been doing by keeping GEO informed, sending minutes of meetings and so forth.

If you are interested or know others who might be, please let us know

Next Open Meeting – January 23rd 2013 at Europe House

The next open meeting will be on January 23rd 2013 at Europe House,32 Smith Square, inLondon.

The first two were in Bristol and Birmingham. We hope the Irish Ambassador might come to talk sinceIrelandwill hold the EU Presidency at that time and they will be ‘the EU voice’ at CSW.

NAWO – a framework partner for the European Parliament

NAWO’s application to DG COMM to be accepted as a suitable framework partner for the European Commission in relation to the European Parliament was successful. This means we can now apply for grants to do work especially, at the moment, relating to the recognition and understanding of the EP amongUKcitizens. This is building up to the next European elections in 2014. We look forward to working further with our partners in the European Parliamentary Office.