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No More Page 3 – Campaign

Lucy Holmes

Lucy Holmes, No More Page 3 Campaign Founder:

‘No More Page 3 are very much behind the Young Women’s Manifesto and the joyous and tireless work that NAWO have been doing on the Young Women’s Project. We’ve seen first hand how engaged our young supporters have become in the political process and how inspired they have been from attending NAWO events at Westminster and thinking about issues that affect them.
Just brilliant. We’re right behind you!’

No More Page 3 is a feminist campaign to get the Sun Newspaper to remove the demeaning, outdated page 3 (bare breased models), get behind the Campaign by signing the Petition (over 190,00o signatures and growing!) and visiting the Website.

Everyday Sexism – Project

Laura Bates, Founder of the Everyday Sexism Project:

“This manifesto is a fantastic testament to the strength and passion of the young women who have compiled it. It clearly sets out the multiple ways in which gender inequality, the media objectification of women, sexual violence and a lack of compulsory sex and relationships education impacts on young women’s lives on a daily basis. The manifesto is a clear and urgent call for action and it behoves the European Parliament to act swiftly and incisively to tackle these issues.”

Everyday Sexism throws a spotlight on how prevalent sexism is on a day to day scale, find out more and support their work.

Laura has recently published a book on Everyday Sexism, read all about it.