April no 2

Commission :

New impetus for youth mobility in Europe

On 27th March the European Commission announced a subsidy to enable “at least 5,000 young people” to travel to another country in Europe, thanks to a package of 2.5 million € taken by the Erasmus programme budget…

Protecting fishing resources in the Mediterranean

On 30th March the European Commission achieved a commitment on the part of the 8 EU Member States and seven third countries for the next ten years regarding the protection of fishing resources in the Mediterranean and that of the region’s economic and ecological heritage

No merger between Deutsche Börse and the London Stock Exchange

The European Commission has prohibited the merger planned between Deutsche Börse AG (DBAG) and the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) in virtue of European legislation on mergers since this would lead to the creation of a de facto monopoly…

Parliament :
French and German Home Affairs Ministers discuss security in Parliament

On 27th March the French and German Home Affairs Ministers debated security before the MEPs of the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee mentioning the necessary protection of the external borders, information sharing and the coding of communications…

Council :

Agriculture Council and Fisheries

The 28 Agriculture Ministers exchanged views on the agriculture chapter of the “omnibus” regulation. They also released solidarity funds against natural disasters in Cyprus, Portugal and the UK…

The Council adopts conclusions on the migratory and security policy

On 27th and 28th March the 28 Ministers of the “Internal Justice and Affairs Council” adopted conclusions as part of the implementation of the Malta Declaration (strengthening of resources on the external borders, return policy, fight to counter travel document fraud)…

Results of the Foreign Affairs Ministers Meeting

On 3rd April the 28 Foreign Affairs Ministers adopted conclusions on Syria, Yemen and Somalia. They re-iterated their wish to protect and promote children’s rights as part of the external policy in terms of Human Rights

Germany :

Launch of Germany cyber-army

On 5th April Germany will inaugurate a cyber-army who mission it will be to protect the Bundeswehr from IT attacks. Given the development in areas of conflict (Germany is said to have suffered 300,000 cyberattacks since the beginning of the year), the German Defence Minister wants to have a significant and autonomous cyber-army.

Belgium :

Lloyd’s of London is to open a branch in Brussels

On 30th March the famous insurance bank, Lloyd’s of London announced that it was to open a branch in Brussels explaining that it was taking this measure “in view of the UK’s decision to leave the EU”…

Malta :

The Maltese budget balanced for the first time in 35 years

The Maltese government announced that its public finances were in balance with a surplus of 8.9 million euro. This is a first in 35 years…

Studies/Reports :

Report on the cohesion and investment policy

On 31st March the Commission published a first positive assessment of the prior conditions that the Member States must meet to be able to benefit from the European structural and investment funds. These have given a strong incentive for Member States to undertake reform.

OECD report on counterfeiting

In its report on the trade of counterfeit goods published on 28th March the OECD notes that one mobile phone in five and one video game consoles that cross the borders are counterfeit