Action Learning Conference 2019

Women and girls are significantly underrepresented at all levels of society including decision-making. OWen they have limited voice on issues directly affec3ng them, puZng them at a disadvantage. By empowering young women to ac3vely shape policies affec3ng them from a young age, they are enabled to address issues at the earliest possible stage. This was the key mo3va3on behind this project.

Building on the success of our Young Women’s Alliance (YWA) Advance project, we proposed to hold two one-day Ac3on Learning Conferences aiming to build confidence and capacity in young women and foster their poli3cal par3cipa3on and civic engagement as leaders in their communi3es. NAWO proposed they be held in partnership with Stroud High School in Gloucestershire and schools in the Wellingborough area. The events were originally proposed to target 60 par3cipants aged 15-25 at each conference.

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