‘9 in 10 young women in Mali at risk of FGM’ Report States

FGM Report 28 too many28 Too Many has published a report in to FGM in Mali, following on in their series of Country Profiles.

The Report highlights in depth the situation in Mali, the Country context and attitudes and work related to FGM.

Ann Marie, Director of 28 Too Many, says:

‘In September 1995 the 4th UN Conference on Women held in Beijing noted a ‘lack of adequate documentation and research on violence against women and girls (VAWAG) (D.120)’. Since I began humanitarian aid work in 2001 and anti-female genital mutilation (FGM) work in 2005 that has been my experience and the reason for founding 28 Too Many.’

This report shines a light on the situation, and evidences that knowledge is a powerful foundation for change.

Full Report.

Executive Summary (English)

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