Quote from Margaret Owen Director of Widows for Peace through Democracy (WPD) and human rights lawyer:

” For me, Director of Widows for Peace through Democracy (WPD), and a human rights lawyer, the existence of the UK CSW Alliance has been tremendously important for three main reasons.

 One, because membership gives me an key opportunity to communicate directly with the GEO, and therefore indirectly with the FCO, DFID,  and the EU Bloc, in all Status of Women issues but especially to ensure that those of  Widowhood ( so neglected) are not ignored in government policies, and in the CSW final agreed conclusions.

Two, it helps me network with other UK NGOs who, once informed of the challenging complex issues we address,  may become supporters of our advocacy work in this area.

Three, it gives me a base from which to reach out to our partner organisations across the world, promoting the important liaison we UK women CSOs have with our government, that might be emulated in their countries. For example, preparations for the CSW and our close engagement with the GEO on refining the text of the draft Agreed Conclusions before New York, and our regular briefings at the UK Mission to the UN during the session.