2016 Euro Info No 6

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Migration : 

Proposals to complete the reform of the European asylum system

photo non dispoOn 13th July the Commission put forward proposals in view of completing the reform of the European asylum system. Amongst other things it is proposing the creation of a common Union wide relocation framework to strengthen legal paths of entry and to guarantee people international protection

Most Europeans associate refugees with the risk of terrorism

photo non dispoMost Europeans believe that the influx of refugees onto the continent is increasing the risk of attacks and a high proportion are concerned about their jobs, said a survey published by Pew Research on 11th July

Commission : 
New legal framework to protect personal data “Privacy Shield”

photo non dispoOn 12th July the European Commission announced the official launch of a new legal framework to protect the personal data of European citizens that have been communicated to the American authorities – the Privacy Shield

Strengthening of measures taken by the Commission against Google
photo non dispoOn 14th July the Commission adopted further measures as part of its investigation for the abuse of dominant position by Google. The two communications focus on the advantage granted by Google to its price comparison service and on the artificial limit placed on third party web sites to place advertising by Google’s competitors

Council : 

Conclusions of the “Economic and Financial Affairs” Council

photo non dispoOn 12th July the 28 Finance Ministers decided to trigger the sanctions mechanism against Spain and Portugal since they have not corrected their excessive deficits. They also adopted new rules regarding tax evasion by businesses and discussed the Slovakian Presidency’s programme… 

Conclusions of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council

photo non dispoDuring the Agriculture Council on 18th July the 28 Ministers discussed the potential impact of on-going trade negotiations with third countries on European agriculture. In terms of the agricultural market the Commission is putting forward a third package of support measures totalling 500 million € mainly in support of the dairy sector. The Slovakian Presidency also presented its working programme and its priorities in the areas of agriculture and fisheries.

Tax transparency: EU and Monaco signed a new agreement

photo non dispoThe European Union and the Principality of Monaco signed an agreement on 12th July regarding tax transparency which will take effect as of 2018 and will lead to the automatic exchange of tax information

Diplomacy : 

Conclusions of the Foreign Affairs Council

photo non dispoOn 18th July the 28 Foreign Affairs Ministers notably reasserted their determination in the fight to counter terrorism and condemned the attempted coup in Turkey; they adopted the EU’s strategy regarding China for the next few years and held informal discussions with John Kerry, the USA’s Secretary of State

EU-China Summit

photo non dispoOn 12th and 13th July during the 18th EU-China Summit in Beijing European and Chinese partners addressed the importance of international cooperation and agreed to counter the worldwide migratory crisis, as well as deciding on a series of discussions on Human Rights in Brussels in 2016

The Hague’s Arbitral Tribunal declares the Beijing’s claim in the South China Sea is invalid

photo non dispoThe Permanent Arbitral Tribunal of The Hague deemed that there was no legal base to China’s claim to historic rights in the South China Sea or “regarding resources in the maritime zones within the Nine-Dash-Line.”.. 

Germany : 

Publication of a White Paper on German Defence

photo non dispoThe German Council of Ministers adopted a new White Paper on defence whereby Germany confirms that it wants to play a role in international security once more

Spain : 

Sanctions: Spanish government response to the Council and the Commission

photo non dispoOn 13th July the Spanish Economy Minister defended Spain’s economic performance of the last few years in response to the Commission’s decision, which deems that Spain and Portugal have not corrected their excessive deficit