20-first Launches a New Book Series

The Building Balanced Business series, by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, focuses on simplifying a complex topic for companies, managers and women by offering proven, pragmatic solutions in a made-for-managers format.

These beautiful and entertaining books are a tongue-in-cheek invitation to those not necessarily convinced by the benefits of balance. They are impactful presentations that clarify the core arguments of a complex debate. Any manager will be better armed to navigate the subject with this series under their belt.

Each book is an instant toolkit of what to say and what to do (and not do) when balancing a business.

Key to Gender Balance: Leadership

A powerful answer to the question why gender balance? What are the benefits of balance? Until leaders and managers are both convinced and convincing on this issue, they are unlikely to implement it. This short, funny, graphic-based read gives a broad overview of what is commonly referred to as ‘the business case’ for gender balance. Every 21st century manager who seeks engagement from 100% of the talent and strong connections with 100% of potential consumers needs this – memorized.


Phases of Women’s Careers

What are the gender differences managers may want to understand to build gender balance – and get it all the way through to leadership? One potent issue is managing careers, and understanding the different phases of life that still impact women more than men. The current model was built on a single career track. Women and younger generations want more flexibility – especially in the decade of the 30s. A short and graphic-based guidebook for managers who aim to excel at developing both men and women through their careers – flexibly and gender neutrally.

 Steps to Building a Gender-Balanced Business

The ‘7’ book provides, in a concise format, a complete program for addressing the gender issue in any organisation. Starting by helping you get gender onto the top management agenda, then aligning leaders on the relevance and urgency of the issue for their business. It explains how to equip leaders and managers with the skills to lead across genders. It explores how to review Sales and Marketing approaches to ensure that a sophisticated understanding of gender differences maximizes market opportunities and innovation. And it lays out how to review and adapt talent management systems to make sure that they recognize and adapt to gender differences. Essential reading for any manager who wants to balance their team or their business.

The 20-first series is available on AMAZON.
Boxed sets of the three books are available, on request.